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August 2018 Edition

There should be plenty of raptor activity this month, with adults teaching fledged young to hunt and watch out for male Ospreys on the lochs too, teaching young to fish. Keep an eye out also for young Eagles, remember immature Golden Eagles have a white tail whereas immature White-tailed Eagles have a dark tail to add to the confusion. 

July 2018 Edition

Often considered to be one of the quieter months for birding when many of the birds stop singing and get on with rearing chicks, there is still however plenty to see, as with mouths to feed and long days the birds are very active. Mixed species family flocks often gather along the insect rich woodland edges, Redstarts, Willow Warblers, Tree Pipits Finches and Buntings may all be seen busily feeding along fence-lines or hedgerows. 

June 2018 Edition

There are certainly plenty of hours daylight for wildlife watching at this time of year, with plenty of light until well after 10.30pm by mid-month.  You can head out again after dinner to one of our local wildlife spots if youíre not too tired after a day out in the field.....

May 2018 Edition

At last, spring well and truly reaches the Highlands this month with long days and a big push of summer migrants especially during the first two weeks. The woods will be full of the songs of Willow Warblers, Tree Pipits and Redstart while many resident species are already busy feeding young. 

April 2018 Edition

Finally, spring is starting to get well underway in the Highlands with the first local Ospreys already at their nests, Divers and Slavonian Grebes back on the breeding lochs and the air full of the sound of breeding waders on the moors and farmland. The iconic song of the Willow Warbler will soon be filling every corner.

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