Photo Gallery - Winter

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Good numbers of Long-tailed Duck, Common Scoter, Eider and various divers can be found along the Moray Firth coastline.

The Mountain Hare's white winter coat is perfect camouflage against the snow.

Thousands of Pink-footed Geese over-winter on inland lochs.

Ptarmigan are well camouflaged against the snow in their white winter plumage.

Our resident Snow Buntings are joined by many more from Scandinavia and Greenland.

Waders such as the Turnstone form large flocks along the coastline during the winter.

Huge numbers of Waxwing arrive from Scandinavia to feast on our fruiting trees.

With a dusting of snow the Cairngorms National Park is a magical place to visit during the winter.

Long-tailed Duck ©Laurie Campbell
Ptarmigan ©Laurie Campbell
Waxwing ©Pam Baird

Mountain Hare ©Laurie Campbell
Snow Bunting ©Laurie Campbell
Winter Trees ©Jo Penning

Pink-footed Geese ©Laurie Campbell
Turnstone ©Laurie Campbell

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