Photo Gallery - Summer

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Black-throated Divers can be found breeding on inland lochs during the spring and summer.

The Moray Firth is home to around 190 Bottlenose Dolphins.

Arriving back in late spring, Dotterel breed on the high mountain plateau.

Seabirds, including the Gannet, arrive in their thousands to breed along the coast in summer.

Summer evenings can be good for watching Pine Marten at a local hide.

Summer is the best time for many of our dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies such as the Scotch Argus.

With the long days of summer you can enjoy the stunning scenery.

Black-throated Diver ©Laurie Campbell
Gannet ©Laurie Campbell

Bottlenose Dolphin ©Laurie Campbell
Pine Marten ©Laurie Campbell
View over a Loch ©Gordon Howard

Dotterel ©Laurie Campbell
Scotch Argus Butterfly ©Laurie Campbell

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