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March 2018 Edition

Officially itís now spring at last, though winter can still hold a tight grip in the Highlands throughout March, the days are longer and you may even feel a little warmth in that sun! Many resident species will have begun preparing to breed, waders returning to the moors, Dippers singing along the rivers and Eagles already down on their nests. 

February 2018 Edition

Spring still seems a long way away in the Highlands, however by February we are already seeing the first small signs of change. Dippers singing along the rivers, taking up their territories and in the Pinewoods Crossbills may well already be nesting.......

January 2018 Edition

 A Happy New Year to everyone, and with the solstice now passed, we are already looking forward to the days getting slightly longer this month though the mornings are actually at their darkest at the turn of the year. Which is good news if you want to head out looking for Black Grouse, as you wonít need an early start! 

December 2017 Edition

 Itís already looking very festive outside with the first real snowfall of the season as I write so hopefully more to come and maybe a white Christmas! A fascinating bird to look out for mid-winter is Great Grey Shrike which occur regularly in the Highlands and indeed we have had an exciting report of one seen on the edge of Anagach Woods.......... 

November 2017 Edition

By November autumn migration is all but over and our winter visitors are now settling in until the warm days return again. Wildfowl numbers are now peaking with large flocks of Pink-footed Geese gathering along the Moray Firth. Itís worth checking out these flocks for any unusual vagrants with them, already this autumn there have been sightings of Snow Geese and the rarer ďwildĒ forms of Canada Goose. 

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AUTUMN/RED DEER WEEK Sat 6th - Sat 13th October 2018

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